Protected area managers who want to reduce the threat of severe fire must have an understanding of fire science


Knowledge of fire behavior and fire effects are the foundations of science based planning strategies to develop fire management programs


One of the most effective strategies for protecting and promoting biodiversity while reducing risk of destructive impacts is prescribed fire


To help managers develop fire management programs, Dos Fuegos offers planning and implementation of training and workshops


About Dos Fuegos

Dos Fuegos Fire Management is a collaboration between Fanny Tricone and Rick Anderson, two fire ecologists, who provide managers and practitioners with methods for science based solutions to fire management.

Dos Fuegos specializes in solving fire management problems using fire effects monitoring, fire behavior and fuels assessments in fire prone ecosystems.

What do we do?

Our work bridges the gap between science and management.

We have developed techniques and protocols so that field personnel can use these to solve real world management questions. We develop fuel models and fire effects monitoring programs to provide solutions for ecosystem management. 

Our services provide field based monitoring data to assist decision makers with the best available science to address the impacts of fire.

Why do we do what we do?

Climate change is producing more and more fires across the planet. Due to decades of fire suppression, many fires are threatening ecosystems, life and property. We believe that there are better ways of managing fire.

Humans have used fire for thousands of years to reduce threats of wildfires and promote beneficial ecological responses.

Many ecosystems, are fire adapted and need to burn to preserve and increase their biodiversity. Managing fire can help by decreasing fuel accumulation to reduce wildfire damages to society and nature. To effectively manage fire, practitioners and decision makers need both good operational expertise as well as scientific data to make decisions.

How can we help you?

The Team

Fanny Tricone

Fanny Tricone is a French Fire Ecologist based in Belize. She is a graduate in Environmental Engineering from Agrocampus Ouest, France. During her graduate studies, she collaborated on field research in Borneo, Malaysia and became interested in tropical conservation. She then led a population reintroduction assessment on howler monkeys in Belize, Central America. After graduation, Fanny relocated to Belize and developed an interest in the impacts of fire in tropical ecosystems. She began her work with community fire management through a Darwin Initiative project in 2017. After her work with the Darwin project, Fanny attended Fire Modeling and Fire Behavior training at Tall Timbers Research Station, USA, one of the world’s premier sites for wildland fire science. Since then, Fanny has collaborated on fire modeling and fire management projects in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Costa Rica and Belize. Her interest is in providing methods and techniques to assess fire risk and develop strategies to manage fire in tropical ecosystems. Fanny is the author of several guides and protocols for fuels assessment, fire ecology and fire effects monitoring. 

Fanny Tricone

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson

Rick Anderson is an American Fire Ecologist. A descendent of Florida’s earliest pioneers, Rick learned the craft of fire from his ancestors. For over thirty years, he served as a fire manager and fire ecologist for the United States National Park Service in eight different National Park Units across the US in diverse locations, such as Yellowstone National Park, Saguaro National Park and the Everglades. Rick also worked as The Nature Conservancy’s Fire Manager for the Southeast US. During his career he achieved several qualifications from Incident Commander (Type III), to Division Supervisor and Prescribed Fire Burn Boss Type 1. Rick retired from the National Park Service in 2015 as Fire Management Officer at Everglades National Park. Now he works as an international fire consultant with fire management projects in Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, Trinidad and Brazil. Rick Anderson is also Writer and Executive Producer with Into Nature Films a Florida documentary film company specializing in handcrafted stories focused on human partnerships with ecosystems.

Fire suppression training

This short video from the pine savannas of Belize tells the story of a group of The Nature Conservancy fire professionals working with their colleagues from the Southern Belize Fire Working Group and Dos Fuegos Fire Management to learn fire suppression skills through live fire exercises.

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What's new?

2019 - Development of a fuel measurement system for the forest fire risk mapping system in Costa Rica

One of Dos Fuegos most interesting projects this year was a collaboration with SINAC and CATIE funded by the United Nations Development Programme, in Costa Rica. Our work was to develop a plant fuel measurement system for the forest fire risk mapping system.

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